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Why Your Website Needs a Revamp

06/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)


In today’s competitive market, a responsive, great-looking and easy to use website is crucial for the success of your business. Many potential customers will research your company’s website, along with your competitor’s, before engaging in a transaction. As a result, it is important to have a website which is clearly able to communicate your brand and products while also being user-friendly. Therefore, a revamped and innovative website will help your company maintain a competitive advantage.


Here are 6 reasons why you may need to revamp your website


It is outdated

In the past 3 years, there have been tremendous technological advantages in digital marketing and advertising. Through utilizing these new technologies, your company can reach a greater audience and expand its business. 

Furthermore, an old website is monotonous. An outdated site gives the impression to your customers that your company has not been improving your services or does not care to improve the experience for your customers. These implications are unfavorable to your brand and will hurt the growth of your business.

Current business and brand strategy is not represented

Your website is the first contact customers have with your service. Therefore, it should convey the current status of your company’s business, products, awards, and certifications. Your clients must be aware of your company’s newest and most up to date information. If your website does not reflect your business’s current status, you may be missing many potential clients and customers.

Keeping up with Competitors

Unfortunately, many companies do not pay attention to their competitors until it is too late. Technology moves and changes extremely fast. Someone who is on top of the trends and understands consumer preferences will move far ahead of the competition. It is important to keep track of the latest technologies and features your competitors offer to their clients. This will allow you to best strategize and implement cutting edge features which are beneficial to your customers.

Poor User Experience

The content of your website loses value if the user is unable to access it. People today are surrounded by fast internet connectivity and unlimited cloud space. Therefore, many users don’t have the patience for a website which is not up to speed. A good sign of a revamped website is one which has a loading speed of fewer than 5 seconds.

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Complex navigation is another cause of poor user experience. Fewer people will be aware of your products and services if they are hidden behind two or more clicks. In order to maximize your brand and products, your website must be clear and easy to navigate.

Security Issues

If your website appears untrustworthy or has any potential security issues, it is necessary to revamp your website’s design and functionalities. This is especially important if you have introduced new features which deal with online payment and confidential customer information.

Your customers want to feel safe while using your product and service. Therefore, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest advances in website security and confidentiality. Through gaining the trust of your customers, your clients will be more likely to recommend and promote your business.

Your website is not socially visible

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The vast amount of social media platforms offer unlimited access to potential new clients and business growth. Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can connect millions of people to your business. In order to promote growth, you should redesign your website to allow instant sharing of your content to these networks. It will also be possible to build an online following which will further promote your company and spread your products.

Furthermore, more than 80 percent of internet connections are on mobile devices. As a result, most people will not revisit a site if they are unable to access it on their different devices. This makes a mobile compatible website crucial to your digital marketing strategy.


The best companies redesign their website as soon as they notice the need to change it. Through revamping your website, you are able to keep up with changes in your external business environment while also addressing internal business developments. Your website’s needs are bound to change with time and it is important to constantly be adapting in order to remain competitive.

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