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How Big is Big Data?

06/06/2019 by Rachael DeVeau (A&A Limited)


Big data is a vast expanse of many different databases collected across the globe and stored in one place online.  If knowledge is power, then all of this information stored in one convenient place is an incredible resource for an enterprise.  It would be a waste not to use it for one’s advantage. By utilizing statistical information an enterprise is able to advance and be on the cutting edge of innovation through discovering the most optimal marketing strategies.  This is possible through accessing big data databases; companies are able to gain a in depth knowledge on their competitors, target market, and more.

Benefits of Data Analytics 

  • Precise marketing strategies based on customer data
  • Ability to predict future customer decisions and actions
  • Understanding customer trends produces increased revenue


What Big Data Can Do

The ability to help employers best allocate their resources by making use of the extensive statistics found in the database, is one of the best uses for big data.  Knowing what the median wage is could help companies identify how much to allocate towards payroll and how much to save for other expenses. This data can also help companies know if they are receiving a good deal on different products while identifying services which are unavoidable costs.  

In addition, having the knowledge of which demographic most buys and uses a specific product allows the company to better market this product in a way which appeals to the specific demographic.  This method produces less marketing errors as well as more technical and organizational efficiency, ensuring a higher margin of profit.


The information collected in big data databases is expansive and contains many different information topics.  Being able to usetalize the database is crucial for a company to be competitive in today’s market. Through using historical and current data on consumers, one can predict what their future actions and decisions will be.  

This utilization of big data will help companies gain an edge on their competitors.  Having details of one’s target market and competitors can allow a company the ability to specialize and separate themselves from the competition. This creates a positive result as companies can promote their value and unique contribution as well as increase revenue.  

How to Employ Big Data

However, big data databases are vast and difficult to navigate without professional consultation. Having access to this breadth of information is unprofitable if one does not know how to find what they are looking for.

A&A limited’s team seeks to provide our knowledge and know-how to navigate these databases, as well as our advanced analytic tools to help propel companies into being not only competitively competent for their field, but also innovative to prepare for future change.  Digital procedures can be executed through advanced analytical strategies A&A builds for each client to help their company grow to full potential. Having an uptodate and innovative knowledge of big data, A&A seeks to provide pragmatic solutions for each client that wishes to utilize big data to stay competent and competitive.