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Mobile App, A Necessity for Business?

06/06/2019 by Rachael DeVeau (A&A Limited)


Smartphones and tablets are rapidly increasing in popularity as they have a considerable amount of the same opportunities a computer has but are conveniently mobile.  The web is a great place for a company to be discovered, but not a great place to showcase all a company may offer. A website on a mobile device is likely to be muddled, which could deter potential customers. Therefore, a mobile application that is user-friendly, clear, and interactive offers benefits to the customer and entire business.

5 Benefits of Apps:

  • Broader client base
  • Clear and Readable
  • Efficient company Management and Organization
    • Employee sign in and sign out
    • Digital and automatic payroll
  • Ability to easily check company locations or products
  • Takes advantage of networking opportunities


It is a hindrance for the majority of businesses not to have a  mobile app as so many people are on the go and connected to different devices such as smartphones, watches, tablets, and more.  Having a mobile app allows the company’s content to be accessed more easily by all of these different devices and provides more opportunities for a wider client base.


To stay competitive, spreading the company name is necessary; however, in this increasingly digital age, one must make use of all the available networking options.  This includes many different kinds of platforms to reach the most amount of potential customers. The more people who are aware of the company, the more trust is built, and the more customers available. 

Company optimization

Mobile apps can also be useful for company employees, through providing access to company information, which  can normally only be found at the office or being able to check on company products more conveniently. A&A has previously provided service to a client doing just that by creating a mobile app, which contains a database of company files and allows the company to be able to gauge the performance of its elevators.  In addition, company apps have the ability for employees to sign in and out ensuring everyone is accounted for, as well as the option for an automatic digital payroll. 


Convenience is key.  It is always talked about and true in many senses.  In today’s world, almost everyone utilizes a mobile device to enjoy the convenience it offers.  By not having a mobile app there is less of a chance to hook those customers who use mobile devices.  Consequently, companies who have a mobile application are able to reach more potential clients. Developing a mobile app allows one to gain a competitive advantage against other companies who do not have one.

Having the skills and knowledge, A&A is offering our consultation with those who desire to reach across platforms to make themselves as widely available to potential customers as possible.  While websites are a great start to get a company name out into the world, everything is changing and companies need to change as well to keep up with technology and the customers.  We at A&A understand and seek to ensure our clients are staying on the cutting edge of innovation in order to be at the forefront of their industry, to not only keep up with the competition but to be at the forefront.  If interested in contracting our services please contact