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Why E-commerce is essential for your business in 2019

11/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)


In the past decade, the use of the internet and mobile devices for shopping has skyrocketed. As access to the internet has become widespread, people have flocked to online platforms in order to buy both essential and luxury items. In today’s convenience-focused society, consumers want to shop from their own homes, making e-commerce a flexible solution for both consumers and businesses alike.

Interested in launching an E-commerce store? Here are several reasons why E-commerce is crucial to the success of your business.


Broadens Your Brand’s Influence

E-commerce is an ideal way to transform your company’s image into an innovative, cutting-edge brand. Through offering your products 24 hours a day along with other features such as social media, customer service, and blogs, the outreach of your business is greatly expanded. An online presence will allow your company to spread it’s products and message across the world, without the need to physically expand operations. This is especially important for growing companies and startups, who may not be able to invest in physical expansion.


Keeps Costs Low

Selling your products online is significantly more cost-effective than traditional, off-line methods. The conventional way of selling products in-store has a few high overhead costs which increase prices. Expenses such as store management cost, inventory cost, security cost, and rent cost prevent your business from offering low prices. E-commerce platforms do not include any of those costs, reducing the fixed and variable costs of operation. Furthermore, the integration of Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning into E-commerce has minimized the maintenance costs of business. As a result, E-commerce is a profit driver which will ultimately save your business money.


Marketing and Customer Retention Opportunities

E-commerce platforms provide your business with an opportunity to maximize its outreach. The use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has allowed companies to organically increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. Furthermore, other inexpensive forms of marketing through email and social media are able to efficiently expand the influence of your brand.

Online businesses are also able to better retain consumers through the collection and analysis of data on their customers. When a consumer interacts with your E-commerce platform, their preferences and profile remain saved in your company’s database. This allows your business an opportunity to analyze the consumer data and best formulate a strategy to increase business. Through new products tailored to individual consumers as well as promotional messages, your customers will be able to notice the development behind your product. The application of data analysis allows businesses to provide higher quality products, generating greater customer satisfaction, and building a following of loyal customers.


Faster Business Expansion

In the past, it has been difficult for companies to expand the scale of their business to reach across the world. Market conditions, local competition, low advertising visibility, and high shipping costs are a few barriers which prevented companies from expanding. However, E-commerce allows your business to easily scale its operations according to consumer demands. Offering an easily accessible online service allows you to grow the scope of your product while targeting a larger audience. An E-commerce platform makes it easier for your company to add more products, add more payment options and streamline production. Therefore, your company will be able to grow without paying expensive costs for changing locations and moving to a new building.



An E-commerce platform offers your business increased opportunities to expand your business, lower costs, and effectively market your product.  In today’s digital world, E-commerce is a necessity to reach consumers who demand an optimized and convenient service. Through offering a well-designed website with a wide breadth of products and 24/7 customer service, your E-commerce platform will significantly boost your business.

A&A Limited offers a wide range of E-commerce optimization services designed to streamline operations and drive sales. If you are interested in improving your E-commerce presence or wish to start your own platform, please contact our team at info@aa-limited.com.