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AI Chatbots, Chatter Worth Hearing?

11/06/2019 by Rachael DeVeau (A&A Limited)


Artificial intelligence sounds futuristic, however, the future is here and AIs are very commonly used in today’s world.  Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft), and Google Assistant (Google) are all artificial assistants used to answer inquiries, set reminders, and more.  AIs have all different kinds of uses: at home helpers in the form of artificial assistants or chatbots as company time savers. This article will focus on chatbots and their use in the workplace.


Traditional Methods

Utilizing chatbots allows for less error as chatbots identify a  problem and instantaneously reach into their database of information to retrieve the answer with no wait for the customer.  Without chatbots, customers usually have two options: email or phone call. For email, one needs to first search for the contact information, write the email, then wait for the recipient to discover it in their inbox, search for the answer, and respond.  All of this on top being busy with other company duties. When it comes to the phone, everyone plays the waiting game. Call, wait on hold, ask a question, wait on hold, transfer to another department to someone who might know the answer, then wait on hold as the employee ensures he has the correct answer, and finally the question is answered.  All the while, horrendous elevator music is played. Unless truly motivated to find the answer, customers are more willing to go elsewhere in search of an easier, more convenient way. Comparatively, chatbots are ready to help the customer once they first enter the webpage or go to the frequently asked questions section.


New & Improved


Chatbots are best used for taking over mundane tasks such as answering questions for customer service.  While chatbots are more efficient at helping customers with questions the company is already aware of, human employees are able to put their brain power towards helping the company grow and better strategize, improving the efficiency of the company.  The trend of customer service is going digital and if websites are confusing or difficult to manage, customers will go elsewhere. Through the utilization of chatbots, this is less likely to occur as chatbots are available for customers 24/7 in order to quickly assess and find solutions.  


Cost Saving & Multitasking

In addition, Chatbots are also able to utilize data analytics more effectively.  They are able to collect data on the various customers and visitors to the website as well as execute perfect marketing strategies.  The data on those customers and potential customers who visit the company website is astronomically useful as it enables the company to perform more focused marketing strategies.  The knowledge of who most uses or has an interest in a product empowers the company to most efficiently sell products to these people in the most appealing way. Economically speaking, chatbots are the best for data collection  as every time a chatbot interacts with a customer, data is collected automatically. A chatbot is able to identify trends a human customer service operator would normally miss for they are focused on performing their job correctly and not with analyzing the continuities and discontinuities of the calls.


Fun Facts and Statistics:



Chatbots are invaluable assets to companies as they provide great economic worth.  They serve as 24/7 fast and reliable customer service operators who are also able to collect, store, and retrieve customer data.  By taking care of the menial tasks, chatbots enable human employees to put their full brain power into improving and advancing the company towards its greatest potential.  With the data stored by chatbots, marketing strategies that more accurately target the customer can be employed to gain a higher percentage of customer satisfaction. 

A&A understands a company’s need to employ such a chatbot for its vital contribution and digital business optimization.  Having the knowledge and know-how, A&A is able to seamlessly integrate a chatbot into any company’s website who has the desire to take advantage of this new and innovative technology.  If interested in contracting our services please contact