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The Benefits of a Digital Boot-camp for Your Company

18/06/2019 by Rachael DeVeau & Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)


In today’s world, swift technological advances make it necessary to continually update businesses and employees about the widespread effects which technology has on their industry. Through establishing relevant skills in cutting edge technology, companies are able to become market leaders through establishing a competitive advantage. The utilization of the most up to date technology enables a business to efficiently accomplish tasks, resulting in streamlined production, increased sales and lower costs. Despite these obvious benefits, it is difficult to systematically educate and retrain an entire workforce. The use of digital boot camps is an efficient and cost-effective tool to promote company-wide technological improvements.


What are Digital Bootcamps?

Digital Bootcamps are group activities, led by a leader in digital transformation, which are designed to promote awareness, understanding, and competency in the digital realm. Through guided discussions, peer and leader feedback, and focused presentations, digital boot camps facilitate innovative thinking about innovative digital strategies. The collaborative nature of such programs promotes an inclusive company culture which allows co-workers to share ideas and knowledge. As a result, digital boot camps promote knowledgeable discussions which are beneficial for both employees and the company’s bottom line. Boot camps can be general overviews on the state of technology awareness in a particular industry, or they can be focused on one specific digital aspect such as website design, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, user experience, or data analytics.



Most digital boot camps begin with a general overview and explanation of the importance of digital transformation to a specific industry. In many cases, employees may not be on the same page regarding the understanding and knowledge of the digital landscape in their company. Therefore, it is important to ensure everyone has a basic comprehension of the aspects and goals of a digital transformation.

The program will then move on to a more collaborative phase as participants will brainstorm to identify the needs and applications of a digital transformation in their company. This guided discussion will introduce the different avenues which digital technology is useful for while continuing to spread awareness about the importance of digital transformation. By the end of this discussion, each participant should feel comfortable discussing and thinking about digital strategies.

Throughout each stage of the business chain, problems occur. Participants are then asked to utilize their newfound ability to strategize digital solutions for these problems. As employees move up through the business chain or switch departments, it is important for each individual to evaluate and analyze how digital strategies can be used to form solutions to tackle problems as they arise.

The last step is a debriefing session which gives participants the opportunity to share with their peers what they learned and any experience gained. Discussing what others learned while also reflecting on their own understanding promotes long-term learning. Being able to share, reflect, and summarize their new knowledge encourages feedback while answering any lingering questions.


Sample Strategic Digital Plan

Companies need a dynamic and well thought out plan in order to digitally strategize and transform. For all plans, it is important that top-level management leads the digital transformation journey. This adds security and ensures that there is a clear path for a company-wide transformation. Below is a sample plan which a company can develop at a boot camp to help guide its digital transformation.


  • Short Term Plan (1-5 years)
    • Train relevant staff in order to develop technical talents
    • Establish and streamline an Information Technology department
    • Improve and innovate the infrastructure of the data sharing channel
  • Intermediate Plan (5-10 years)
    • Cultivate technical staff and improve management skills
    • Develop the organizational structure of the IT department
    • Use high-end technology to provide top-quality digital services
    • Enhance the efficiency of operations with cutting edge and emerging technologies
  • Long Term Plan (10-20 years)
    • Form a pool of digital talent resources to support the whole business operation and development
    • Establish a digital data center  
    • Create a smart operating system
    • Develop an integrated service chain



With A&A Limited’s guidance through a digital boot camp, company employees are empowered to access the tools and knowledge necessary for a digital transformation in today’s global world.  The digital boot camp for employees tests and builds knowledge of technological solutions, digital ideas, and the latest technology. As a result of accelerated business growth, increased revenues, and cost-effective solutions, employees are empowered a working knowledge of the most up to date technology.  For more information contact